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    Encyclopedia Britannica

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    Summary:Explore the updated online encyclopedia from Encyclopaedia Britannica with hundreds of thousands of articles, biographies, videos, images, and web sites.
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    Encyclopedia Britannica Inc (Encyclop ? dia Britannica, Inc.) published the "Encyclopedia Britannica (Encyclopedia Britannica)" (also known as the "Encyclopedia Britannica", referred to as EB), is considered the world's most famous and most authoritative encyclopedia, is the three largest Encyclopedia of world (Encyclopedia of American encyclopedia, Encyclopedia Britannica, Collier) one of. Encyclopedia Britannica was born in eighteenth Century in Scotland Enlightenment (Scottish Enlightenment) in the atmosphere. At the beginning of twentieth Century, its copyright by Americans buy, is published by the American Encyclopedia Britannica Inc headquartered in Chicago. Now the company has four types of products -- printing products, online products, software products and natural language products (Natural Language Products).

    "Encyclopedia Britannica" is a product of the enlightenment in Scotland. In 1768, Edinburgh bookseller and printer Colin MacFaquhar (Colin Macfarquhar) and the sculptor Andrew Bel (Andrew Bell) decided to "Gentleman Association" published in the name of a department for academic and Enlightenment service encyclopedia. They hired at the age of 28, Melly scholar William, let he edited a volume three, a total of 100 chapters of the Encyclopedia Britannica. "". The first volume in 1768 published in December, price of six pence, three volumes of completed 1771. From the beginning of 1909 eleventh edition published by the University of Cambridge to help. Published fro m 1910 to 1911 eleventh edition basically overridden, it is regarded as the "Encyclopedia Britannica" in the classic version, at the same time, it also reflects the new publishers. In order to attract readers and promote sales, this version of the article that retained its academic rigour, also improves the readability of the article, it is not like the past so long, but still very thorough.

    In 1996 January, the Swiss billionaire Jacob Safurui bought the "Encyclopedia Britannica" copyright. At present, the Encyclopedia Britannica fifteenth edition. This version has more than four thousand authors, published in 1974, a total of 30 volumes, 1985 to Volume 32, divided into 4 parts: the "index" 2 volumes; "category" Encyclopedia of 1 volumes, is the knowledge categories; "compendium" Encyclopedia of 12 volumes, with a short entry of more than 8, it is a for single use Concise Encyclopedia; "macropaedia" Volume 17, have more than 670 items, systematically introduces knowledge of various disciplines, important figure in history, geography, etc.. The book every year supplement and modify some of the entries, a new edition, published at the same time "Yearbook" volume 1. Encyclopedia Britannica Inc gradually expanding foreign cooperation, so far, "Encyclopedia Britannica" in addition to English version, French, Japanese, Turkey, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese , Chinese, Korean, Hungary and Poland and other foreign language version.

    Encyclopedia Britannica Inc is mainly through own revenue and profit reinvestment to self-sufficiency, self development. Only in some of the key period of development or transition, each owner company occasionally into sporadic funds to the company. In recent years, Encyclopedia Britannica has been rely through one's own efforts, without relying on any external funding support. Encyclopedia Britannica Inc now through a variety of ways to derive income fro m online products, including: charge subscription fees fro m the subscriber ordering service fee there; fro m the website free page advertising revenue; and fro m the online store product sales income.

    Science can be hard. Students get confused even after learning a topic in school. Britannica's Pathways: Science comes to the rescue, with a fun, collaborative, inquiry-based method for correcting scientific misunderstandings.

    Students work together to get the right answers, and the experience of getting there makes knowledge stick.

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    Tel: 800.323.1229
    Fax: 312.294.2104.

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    Encyclopedia Britannica:Explore the updated online encyclopedia from Encyclopaedia Britannica with hundreds of thousands of articles, biographies, videos, images, and web sites.

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